In the last century, furniture design has evolved from ornate, heavier furnishings to simpler and lighter pieces. While more traditional furniture relied on dark woods and expensive fabrics and upholstery, modern furniture design embraces cleaner lines and more economical methods of construction and flexible materials. 

However, just because modern furniture has become lighter and more versatile doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style, durability, quality or luxury. 

Using BDI furniture designs as examples, here are a few suggestions on how to achieve a truly modern living space.

Keep It Clean

Modern furniture design is marked by a minimalist sensibility, drawn with crisp lines, simple color schemes and natural hues. 

This ease in form, color, and detail is apparent in the Corridor media collection, which includes an assortment of highly functional entertainment consoles and striking storage credenzas designed to anchor a modern or transitional living space.

Outside of their award-winning design, all of the pieces in the Corridor collection include a host of innovative features, providing the ideal combination of elegance and functionality. 

While fine lines are a trademark of the modern aesthetic, that doesn’t mean those lines need to be rigid or straight. Bending the rules can often result in chic and sophisticated styles.

Take, for example, the award-winning Elements collection, which combines precision with a fresh design approach that is inspired by nature. Elements feature laser-cut doors, available in three distinct patterns, and are acoustically transparent and remote-friendly when closed; helping to maintain a neat, uncluttered appearance while concealing components and a soundbar or center channel speaker. 

Take It up an Octave

The recipe for modern furniture design also includes a blend of three main ingredients: newness, originality, and innovation. 

By mixing traditional textures in inventive ways, modern designers are spicing up past staples to create striking state-of-the-art looks. 

Play All of the Angles

Geometric shapes are another integral part of modern design. In today’s world, it’s hip to be square, triangular, or well-rounded. A single repeating shape can create a complementary and cohesive look to any room. 

Start with the gentle curves of the Olis 9650 media cabinet, and pair it Orlo's smoothly rounded edges and solid hardwood construction. 

You could also (literally) turn the tables on convention with Radius, a table and media console collection designed to pair perfectly together. Radius tables are available in a handful of unique sizes and shapes and can be arranged to intersect and overlap in an assortment of custom configurations, creating table groupings of any size to suit a variety of needs.

The Eileen Blanc 5157 leaning shelf will take your modern living space up a notch with its clean, white wood frame and tempered glass shelving with abundant space for displaying books, photos, or knickknacks. 

A Clean Finish

A well-designed and modern living space should combine functionality with a touch of luxury, providing contemporary sophistication in any home. 

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